小学生英语日记带翻译 篇一

today ,my mother and i cleaned the house. i cleaned the windows hard because it is so dirty. then i cleaded it again. after that, i cleaned the floor and swept it. i thought it is dirtier than windows. then i cleaned the tables and lots of chairs. we washed all of the clothes and quilts. until four o`clock, we tidied all of the rooms up. my room was the cleanest and brightest. i was so happy and satisfied. then my mother said: "you`re successful."


today is my shopping day. i wanted to buy some delicious food.there were many kinds of food. i wanted to eat more and more fruits. i wanted to eat apples in order to lose weight. i liked eating bananas, straw berries, pears and watermelons, i wanted to buy some books, i thought they can help me study not long after my holidays, i wanted to buy a pair of golves for myself because my golves were lost. and i bought some cds.


i got up early this morning and had breakfast quickly. then my mother and i took the bus to my grandmother`s home. my grandmother was glad to see me again. she gave me candies and a cup of milk. she was really kind to me. at noon, we had lunch, there were lofts of people. after that, i talked with my grandmother. she laughed again and again. then i played with my brother and my little sister. finally , i said "see you " to each other.


i went to my new house to my room. it is very big and beatiful. i will use a blue wardrobe and a blue bookcase. i saw a big bed and there was a blue sheet on it, i really liked them, because my favorite color is blue. but my desk was brown. in fact, i like brown, too. and there were many pet dogs and pet bears. they were cute, really eute. i loved them very much.


i plan to do lots of homework today. first , i read english articles, next i wrote my science tests snd math tests. i had some questions. so i called to my classmates to ask, then i listened to the music, i enjoyed it. in the afternoon, i drew some bananas, i believed i can draw it well. in the evening ,i played computer games. after that , i read a famous book on the bed. it was a happy day today.


my father is a manager. he likes singing and playing cards. he liakes drinking tea in his office. he likes watching tv and smoking. he likes making friends very much. so he has many friends, he`s outstanding and calm. i like his personality. my mother is a history teacher. she likes drinking juice in her free time. she likes playing volleyball and badminton. she likes watching tv ,too. and she also likes listening to the music. she always does housework because she wants to have a beatiful and clean house. she`s economical and smart. i love my parents.


today is new year`s day. today i`m not doing homework. i`m making dumplings. after that, we`re having lunch, my grangfather is saying to each other" happy new year", i`m saying to him" the same to you"。 we`re laughing. in the afternoon, i`m going shopping with my brother and sister. two hours later, we`re getting home, we`re playing computer. today is a happy day.


i think i will be an interpreter, because i like all kinds of the languaes. of course, i may be a businessman 。 because i like biz,too. i will have a villa and a robot. in ten years, my parents will have hoary hair and rimple. and i will be more mature than now. i will be more disengaged than now, too. my family will be richer and richer.


小学生英语日记带翻译 篇二


today, my sister and me to a dirty dog take a shower, sister to bring water, then used washbasin and soap, we first make the dog water wet, and then rubbed with soap and rub a rub, finally washed with clean water! the dog is white and beautiful!

小学英语日记200字带翻译 篇三

let me tell you something about my new house. it's very nice and big. there is a living room, a dining romm, a bathroom and a kitchen. there are two bedrooms, one is for my parents, the other is for me. i like my new house.

让我给你说说我的新家。 它又大又漂亮, 有一个客厅、餐厅、卫生间和一个厨房。 有两间卧室,一间是我的父母的,另一间我的。我喜欢我的新家。

小学生英语日记带翻译 篇四

today i went to the science museum with my best friend lily. we went there on foot, because it is not far from our school. we saw many pictures! and we learned many things! there were many parents and their children in it! most children were students. i think they learnt many things, too. after 2 hours, we left the museum. we got back by bus because we were tired. but we had a good time!


小学生英语日记带翻译 篇五


we should learn to be grateful. gratitude is a good character. i want to be grateful for the sun, which gives me light and warmth; i want to be grateful for the flowers, plants and trees, which give me fresh air; i want to be grateful for my pen, which helps me write, draw and calculate i think my teachers and parents should be the most grateful.


in the past, i always complained that the teacher assigned too much homework, but now i understand that she is to let me better master the knowledge; in the past, the teacher criticized me, i always thought that the teacher was too fierce, always thought it was no big deal to make a mistake, now i understand that she is to make me do better.


parents care for our growth with silent love. they work hard every day and cook when they come back, but i always pick and choose between vegetables and noodles, which makes them angry. now i understand that my parents are for my better health.


"grateful heart, thank you, thank you.。." here, i want to say "thank you" to my dear teacher and parents.


















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